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There are a few dozen types of hockey. Most famous considered to be is ice hockey. Competitions interests in North America, Finland, Sweden, RF, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Army of fans plannedly growing. Incomes of star hockey incomparable with the earnings of best football. However they are one of the highest in the sports industry.

History of creation hockey

In the world there are dozens types of the game. Place of origin identify exactly failed. For example, images of people and sticks discovered on parchment of Ancient Egypt. They are dated several hundred years before Christ. Personal kinds of hockey were also in other nations:
• Ancient Greece;
• Ireland;
• Eastern countries.
Norms everywhere differed, however the base was stable. People received clubs and had to use them to carry the projectile into the gate.
Ice hockey formed in North America. Long enough Maple Leaf Country were named leaders in said discipline. In the mid-1900s state of affairs changed. Then then a famous series of games between Canada and the USSR. In the tournament won Canadians. But the leader revealed difficult struggle. As a result it became clear that European hockey could create significant competition.
Over time changed leadership. Canadians lost first position Union. Team won different competitions. With the collapse The countries of the Soviets state of affairs strongly changed. Now identify a unambiguous leader impossible. To win may qualify various teams:
• USA;
• RF;
• Canada;
• Finns;
• Czech;
• Swedes.
Slovaks also may to impose a fight. Sometimes excellent results are achieved by Swiss. In general large tournaments team did not win. But in the course of competitions created significant competition.

Main tournaments

All competitions can be divided into 2 classes. Gradation will be set by kind of participants. Identify confrontations of team and club tournaments. There are no Competitions leading several countries like the Champions League in football.
Out of the international championships it will be possible identify concrete leaders. Maximum attention won Olympic Games and World Championships. Winning specified competitions are the most desired. viewer interest highlighted and number of views. Championships yearly watched by millions of fans.
In the case of national champions no competition. Unconditional leader is is the National Hockey League. Tournament connects dozens teams from USA and Canada. To break into the league desires every athlete without exception. Reasons many:
• opportunity to hone skill with leading players of the world;
• high salaries;
• fame.
Spectators like the league because of the approach of the organizers. Bosses create the best hockey show in the world. The Tournament has all the features of ideal shows:
1. High intrigue. There are leading teams and winspark secure losers. However the backbone constitute approximately equal clubs. Main trophy can win by anyone. Tournament exciting follow to the end.
2. Greater performance of sportsmen. Goals many, which makes the game even more attractive. To increase scoring chances organizers on purpose changed dimensions of arenas.
3. Show during match. The hit of the puck leaks sound effect through the entire stadium. Spectators get absolute immersion in the process.
Listed factors made the NHL best championship. But some experts call such factor dangerous. Reasons for this opinion enough.
Analysts note actions of leaders of the championship. They often prevent athletes from playing for teams at Olympics or World Championships. This provokes a decrease in attention to discipline. Watch the game squads no main players uninteresting. As a result decreases number of views. In the future this will lead to the decline of hockey.